Beta Reader Calls Quits

30 May

I sent my current work to a beta reader to see what her opinion was, all while having no idea that I had failed to mention to her that this new work was in the horror genre.  We’d had a misunderstanding in the beginning, which led to me sending the files to the wrong email address.  It wasn’t the entire work, though.  Just a sample, so I tried to overlook it.  I was a little upset, regardless.  I finally sent the email to the beta reader, and of the four stories sent she only read one.   She was very polite when she spoke to me about the work.  She said that the writing was very well done and interesting to read.  The content, however, has completely rewritten her view of me as a person and a writer.  She’d had no idea I was capable of such thoughts and she strongly feels that I may need more church in my life.  She also added that she would be unable to read anything more that I’d written in the horror genre, that she was sorry, and that that was just how it would be.  She’d be available for anything else, and looked forward to service, but nothing like that ever again.

I.  Have.  NEVER.  Been so humbled by praise like that in all my life.  I had no idea my writing could move people that way.  It was a truly gratifying moment that made the incident with the wrong address completely worth it.  Still hate that it happened, but it’s worth it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beta Reader #2.  I am honored to have scared you so badly.  Sorry I missed giving you the heads-up back there, though.  I really am.  I thought you knew what I was writing.  But thanks anyway.


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