It’s Alive!

30 May

I’m sitting here (okay, laying—I’m a horizontal writer) with my computer and thinking of what I’m going to say in this blog post.  I haven’t been on my site with a post in a while and I really don’t want to have to come up with one now.  It isn’t because I’m lazy (which I am), and it isn’t because I can’t.  Other people do.  It’s just that, I grew weary of my Jones’s Syndrome.

I discourage pretty easily.  Not in the typical boo-hoo way, but in the “well, I guess that didn’t work out, so I’m going to move on to project [insert here]” sort of way.   Equally bad, but fewer raging pity parties with expensive watered-down booze and hot guys doing the robot.  There was enough science put into this blog, for it to work, but I had a problem.  After zapping it to life I wanted it to be perfect; to look and smell and feel like all the other blogs all around it.  Then I would become the most revered blog writer to exist (how did that idea crop up?) and I would rule the world.

Unfortunately, despite all my planning and efforts, I’d created Frankenstein.  He looked smelled and felt like death and it’s pretty hard to make green look normal on skin.  I eventually wore myself out.  It didn’t help that I had even strayed from the true purpose of my blog during the process.  I went from wanting the science journal to being a reeking prompt mess too focused on the successful Jones out there to develop my own monster.

I must return to my lab, my own original lab, to work on my own original project.  I have to put in my own hours and perfect this thing my way.  So I am back at the drafting board now, and hoping I’ve retained my lessons.  Here’s to not blowing myself up.


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