Writing Prompt – Spring Cleaning

22 Jun

Welcome again, guys!  It’s Saturday and I’m here with another prompt.  This one is a story starter:


Lillian pulled down the aged ladder and climbed up into the attic.  She clicked on her flashlight and sighed.  There were a lot more boxes jammed in there than she’d last remembered.  Some were stacked shoulder high, some shorter; like tall weeds in a sleeping cardboard jungle.  She covered her mouth to spare herself the startled dust particles now airborne.  More dust buried everything in a one-inch minimum layer.   How long had it actually been since she or Phil had been up there?  Had they really accumulated so much junk in just ten years?

Putting her flashlight in her mouth she tugged the nearest box closer, picking any old one to start with at random.  As Lillian pulled it down, a large heart-shaped box, like the ones chocolates came in, nearly slid off the top and out of the attic.  She caught it with her forehead, and then carefully maneuvered the larger cube back so she could grab the heart with her hands.  The thing was light and looked old, but it was strangely dust-free too.  Curious, she picked it open. . .


And that is the prompt for today.  Until next week.


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