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Writing Prompt – 3 Word Disaster

14 Sep

Hello again!  It’s a new week and a new prompt.  This time with three words that must be foundations of the story.  They cannot simply be included, but must be essential to the tale.  And these words are:

1. Arcanum
2. Changling
3. Naif


Writing Prompt – The Soda

31 Aug

Hey everybody.  Welcome back again to another writing prompt.  Today it involves soda:


Someone finds a twenty-year-old bottle of soda while helping to clean out a storage closet.  They decide to drink it, but what they don’t realize is that it’s not actual soda in the bottle.  It’s a potion that’s pretty far gone past it’s expiration date.  So, what happens next?


And that’s the prompt for today.  Please it enjoy, and, also, please have a nice Labor Day weekend!

Writing Prompt- Body Language Exercise

25 Aug

I have recently been reading “How to Diagnose Your Character: Using Psychology to create an In-Depth Character” by Joshua Hoyt.  I am learning so much from this book.  An exercise that is given in the book has been so inspiring, I made it our prompt for today!  Our prompt is to write a short story that involves NO dialogue.  Instead, our tale is to be told through our character(s) body language.

Sounds fun, right?  Until next week!

Writing Prompt- Stroke

17 Aug

Hey everyone.  I’ve been gone awhile tending my dad.  He had (and has) a tumor in his brain that has caused him a very small, mild stroke.  He walks with a walker but hopes to graduate to a cane; maybe even walk freely eventually.  He’s talking great and has his mental facilities still.  We are very fortunate.

However, the man won’t stay home, will hardly stick to his new diet, and won’t exercise properly without verbal headache.  He also groans about everything (please, it’s only, like, FOUR meds twice a day!) and thinks I want him to die when I can’t wait on him hand-and-foot.  I love him but he is literally walking on prayers, because strict adherance to doctor’s orders isn’t it.

Your prompt this week is a difficult family member who has met ill circumstances.  They can be the main character or the antagonist, but the scene is that they need to do something they don’t want to.  This could be exercising, taking meds, taking a bath or making a doctor’s appointment.

Writing Prompt – Holy Moly!

27 Jul

Welcome to another prompt day, people.  It’s going to another simple one.  Ready?

Three kids were playing near the swamp when they make the discovery of a lifetime.  What is it?  Holy moly, you’ll have to write the story to know!

And that’s it for today.  Until next week, keep writing.  😉


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